Free Fire Advance Server

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Garena Free Fire
November 15, 2022

Description of Free Fire Advance Server

Garena, the creator of one of the most popular games in the world, Free Fire, has announced a brand new server for the game Free Fire. This new server will include everything from a new map to new game modes, and much more. However, it will be free for those who have already registered for the game on its previous server. So what is this new server? It is called Free Fire Advance Server. In it, you will play a more advanced version of the game.

This new version of the game has so many awesome features that you’ll love. Let’s just jump right into the details. – New and improved weapons with new functions! – More levels, more power-ups, more enemies! – More bosses and challenges! – New maps and more gameplay modes! – New items such as bombs, jetpacks, and rockets! – Lots of new weapons and armor! – More items to help you beat the game! – And of course, new ways to earn in-game rewards!

There are two servers in total, the first one is the normal server, and the second one is the advanced server. When you are playing on the advanced server, all the updates are applied instantly. So players won’t miss anything. In the server app, you can use FFH4X Injector to get a lot of advantages.

What Is Free Fire Advanced Server?

The Free fire advance server is a way to prepare for the game on the new server. The new server will introduce new features to the game, such as team battles and more. The free fire advance server is the best way to play. Because of this, Garena gives a lot of advantages to the players. This is why Free Fire Server is the best.

The new free fire advanced server has some amazing features which you can’t get on any other free fire servers. Such as the ability to customize your own weapons. Customize your own guns. Choose your own gun parts. And then equip those parts to your own guns. You can also change the appearance of your own guns and items. So you can create your own unique and custom look. This free-fire server can also be played from anywhere in the world.


Features Of Free Fire Advanced Server:

You can use the FF advance server to make a free fire league. This new server also has many features which are listed below.

  • All maps from the FF Advance server are also available on the original server.
  • Each map from the advanced server has its own map mode (like the original server).
  • All maps from the advanced server can be played in free-fire mode.
  • A lot of new weapons are available on the free fire advance server.
  • A new game mode is available on the advanced server. It is the “Tournament” mode.


The new advanced server is more secure than the previous version. It allows players to customize their weapons and choose between two different game modes. This server will also feature improved compensation. You know that the free fire advanced server will give you some features that you haven’t known before.