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PUBG Mobile Lite

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Tencent Games
November 3, 2022

Description of PUBG Mobile Lite

With the new PUBG Mobile Lite, you can: Play as a solider in the PUBG Mobile. You could know your character in the character customization feature. You can see what’s happening in the PUBG Mobile Open with the in-game event system. This version will allow you to play PUBG Mobile Lite with a different screen layout, in which each player will play in their own private sector of the map.

There will also be a new way of showing how players are moving and spawning. And the game will include the ability to set custom maps or to choose from the three default maps. The main improvements of the version include Game graphics and UI, new maps, new weapons, new equipment, and more. You’ll also have the chance to test the game with a wide range of mobile devices.

The new version of PUBG Mobile Lite contains several features that allow players to enjoy the game even more, like the ability to use the map of any region of the world, in addition to the new controls, improved graphics, and the new interface.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?                 

The PUBG MOBILE LITE is a free version of the game available for download on APKMade (Android). With PUBG MOBILE, you’ll be able to test and experience the new features and content that will be added in the next update. This version of PUBG MOBILE offers the best graphics, gameplay, and overall experience in mobile gaming.

This is a game where you fight in a realistic battle arena with 100 players against each other. You have to survive and stay alive as long as possible. You have just 15 seconds to find your opponents and attack them. Each round ends when one team is out of players. The first team to reach 50-50 points will win. It takes place on a large and open map with many kinds of weapons.

There are also vehicles that make it easier to move around. There are also various types of terrain. And, there are also multiple objectives on each map. So you have to capture points, defend points and destroy enemy bases. The objective is Free Fire Max.

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite:

It includes the following features: -New interface and user experience:

The UI has been redesigned to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience while improving navigation.

New maps:

Developers are working on new maps that will be more varied and interesting.

New weapons:

The team has worked on new weapons that have been improved in terms of damage, rate of fire, and handling.

New modes:

Developers have also included new modes (the game will continue to support two modes: Free Roam and Scavenge).

New game settings:

Developers have also added several game settings that allow you to customize your game experience.


PUBG Mobile Lite APK version has been specifically optimized for more low-mid-range smartphones. That means, more games and fewer ads! All these great features come included in the PUBG MOBILE LITE version.