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November 15, 2022

Description of VideMate

I welcome you all to my page. Here we provide you with the best apps and their information, features, and requirements to have them. Today’s article is going to be about VidMate Apk. Are you tired of having to have separate apps to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok? Are you searching for an all-in-one downloader? Are you searching for a two-in-one watch and downloading the app? If so, then you are lucky today. Keep reading this article till the end. Vidmate is an all-in-one video downloader where you can search for videos and watch them online in the app.

Not only that, but you can also download them to the local storage of the phone with just one click. This app gives you options of quality from 360p, 720p, and up to 1080p HD quality. You can select the quality you want based on your internet server and phone storage. The lower the quality will be, the lower the MBs it will use. Most unlimited data users go for HD quality or normal quality videos, and limited data users go for normal quality. The high-quality videos take longer to download. This app is for Android users and it uses a third party. You can compare this app to MP3 Juice.

What is VidMate?

The best audio and video downloaders are those where you can search for anything you want and download it. It has no MBS limit, so you can download full movies and series of hours with just one click. This app has a built-in format called Converter Audio, with which you can convert any video into audio, and it will extract the audio only and save it as an audio file. VidMate app has access to all streaming apps, including Youtube and Vevo. By using it, you can stream TV shows, famous series, HD videos, and your favorite movies. 

Vidmate apk

Features of VidMate:

  • Download full movies without restriction on storage
  • Download HD quality soundtracks on your phone and also select the quality of the audio tracks according to your phone storage or web server
  • Download your favorite videos and also convert them into audio files
  • Watch Tv shows and Live ongoing shows
  • Copy URL from any website and paste it in the search bar and download it
  • Saves search history for a better experience
  • You can turn off or on the restriction mode which will show you adult content
  • Add your favorite shows to the watch later section


People have been using this app for so many years that it now has millions of users. This app is not available on the play store, but you can download it from our website. You will see the same name and similar icons, but these are not the original videos, so make sure you download their most recent version, which is given on our website. This app is anti-virus and it will allow your video to download any kind of short or long video from any website with just one click. So download VidMate app now and also give us your feedback related to it. We would appreciate it!